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Are you worried about a loved one’s addiction? Have you tried talking to them, but it seems like nothing gets through to them? It’s time to take action and get professional help with addiction intervention.

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At Relief Recovery Center, we understand that addiction can be a difficult and painful issue for families to deal with. That’s why we offer onsite professional intervention services that are tailored to your family’s unique situation.

Our Process:

  • Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop an intervention plan, educate you on addiction, and provide support every step of the way.
  • We also offer pre-intervention consultations to ensure that your family is prepared and informed before the intervention takes place.

How quickly can we do it?
We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to intervention services. We prioritize swift action to ensure your loved one receives the help they need as soon as possible. Our intervention specialists are highly skilled in being present in places that others cannot. We act swiftly and decisively to seize the moment and guide your loved one towards the path of recovery. Our team is dedicated to acting quickly because we understand the urgency and critical nature of these situations.

Is it covered by insurance?
Please note that our intervention services are not covered by insurance.

What if it doesn’t work?
In the rare instance that the intervention does not achieve the desired outcome, we offer additional attempts as part of our comprehensive service package. We are committed to increasing the chances of success and have a higher success rate compared to standard intervention approaches. Rest assured, we will exhaust all available options to support your loved one on their path to recovery.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to help your loved one. Contact us today to speak with our intervention specialists and let us help you take the necessary steps towards a brighter future for your loved one. Act now, and let us make a difference in their life.

“I was hesitant to stage an intervention for my son, but I knew it was necessary to save his life. The professionals at Relief Recovery were so compassionate and supportive throughout the entire process. They provided us with the guidance and tools we needed to approach the intervention with love and understanding. Thanks to their help, my son is now on the path to recovery and we have our family back together again. I am forever grateful for their services.”

— Jackie B.