About Relief Recovery Center

Your Path to Lasting Recovery in Massachusetts

We wake up every day with one purpose: to walk alongside you on your journey to overcoming addiction. Our Massachusetts rehab center is a haven of care and understanding, where we tailor our support to your unique needs.

Your Unique Recovery, Our Purpose

Your story is like no other

At Relief Recovery Center, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it. We’re here to offer you evidence-based treatment that’s designed around your individual needs, as unique as your journey. By understanding your story and your path, we’re able to pave the way towards overcoming addiction and enhancing your mental health.

A Partner in Your Recovery

The first step towards conquering addiction is often the hardest, and you don’t have to take it alone

Drug addiction can be a problematic and daunting situation for everyone involved. However, it is never too late to reach out for help and turn things around.

Relief Recovery Center is an outpatient treatment center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Our facility includes a safe and clean environment to get you and your loved ones the treatment you need.  Our treatment center is catered to you and your needs, and we treat everyone as individuals in the process. Because we know that your recovery deserves nothing less.

Real Stories Of Recovery

At Relief Recovery Center

Join us on an inspiring recovery journey as we share the transformative story of a brave woman seeking healing and redemption. Experience the path of self-care, compassion, and the rediscovery of self-worth in this captivating tale set against the backdrop of a serene coastal community of Cape Cod.

Our Facility

Treatment Begins. Recovery Follows.

What Sets Us Apart

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Personalized Approach to Recovery

We are committed to providing a safe and structured setting for adults struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

Our team comprises numerous qualified therapists and clinical professionals who are dedicated to ensuring effective treatment for your addiction. Together, we have crafted an organic approach to long-term recovery – one that’s entirely personalized and tailored specifically to each individual’s needs.

We provide several evidence-based treatment methods, each involving individual or group therapy. During these sessions, you will learn all the tools and techniques to avoid relapse while dealing with addiction. Our outpatient treatment programs include:

Our passion derives from helping to achieve the pinnacle of sobriety and guiding you to become a better person to yourself, your family, and the community alike.

Meet the Team

alcohol rehab in massachusetts

Beautiful Location

We believe in a holistic approach to recovery. Our commitment goes beyond addressing addiction alone. We guide you towards becoming a better version of yourself, encompassing physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Our comprehensive care empowers you to not only overcome addiction but also thrive in all areas of your life.

Group Therapy

We've Walked the Walk

From Struggle to Support: Our Team’s Personal Connection to Your Recovery

At Relief Recovery Center, our staff is a community united by personal connections to addiction and recovery. Many of us have walked the same path, either through our own experiences or those of our loved ones. We’ve felt the struggles, celebrated the victories, and found our way to brighter days. Now, our hearts are in helping you find that same strength and hope. We’re not just staff; we’re fellow travelers, here to support you with empathy, understanding, and the belief that recovery is possible because we’ve seen it firsthand.


Life Skill Building for Empowerment

Recovery is not just about overcoming addiction; it’s about rebuilding your life. That’s why we emphasize life skill building as an integral part of our program. Through workshops and guidance, we help you develop essential life skills that empower you to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and embrace a fulfilling future. From communication and problem-solving to goal setting and financial literacy, we equip you with the tools you need for a successful, self-sufficient life.

Let’s walk this journey together

Contact Relief Recovery Center for a consultation and begin your journey to recovery. When making a call to Relief Recovery Center you will be greeted by one of our care coordinators who will guide you through a quick and easy process to start you on your path of recovery!