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At Relief Recovery Center, our compassionate team is deeply committed to walking beside you on every step of your journey towards a brighter, substance-free future.

Stephen Ricco

Stephen Ricco



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Stephen Ricco MS, LCDP, CCS is the compassionate Clinical Director at Relief Recovery Center, Cape Cod, he leads the charge in addiction treatment. With certifications in Chemical Dependency spanning Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine, Steve brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

Armed with a Master of Science from Salve Regina University and a Bachelor’s from Roger Williams University, Stephen employs TF-CBT, IFS, Narrative Exposure, and other diverse modalities to empower those on the journey to recovery. Currently pursuing advanced studies in Clinical Social Work at Rhode Island College, Stephen focuses on trauma-informed care, recognizing the intricate relationship between trauma and addiction. His dedication to expanding his expertise underscores his unwavering commitment to holistic healing.

Beyond the confines of his professional endeavors, Stephen immerses himself in the recovery community, actively participating in 12-step programs and lending support to those embarking on their journey to sobriety. His involvement extends to a faith-based program dedicated to aiding men grappling with profound trauma, showcasing his boundless compassion and dedication to serving others.

Amid his altruistic pursuits, Stephen cherishes his role as a devoted father to his two sons, embodying the values of strength, resilience, and unwavering love. A fervent sports enthusiast, he finds solace and inspiration in football and basketball, channeling the same passion and determination into his personal and professional life.

Stephen Ricco

Tiah Anastasi


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Meet Tiah, a dedicated professional with a passion for guiding individuals through the journey of addiction recovery. With seven years of invaluable experience in substance use treatment, Tiah brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her role. Her recent achievement of a BA in Psychology with a specialization in Addictions from Southern New Hampshire University underscores her commitment to understanding and addressing the complexities of addiction.

Hailing from the picturesque shores of Cape Cod, Tiah’s affinity for coastal landscapes runs deep. Whether she’s soaking in the salty breeze or building sandcastles with her two-year-old son, Tiah finds solace and inspiration by the sea. Family holds a special place in her heart, and she cherishes every moment spent with her loved ones.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tiah embraces adventure and adrenaline. She shares exhilarating motorcycle trips with her husband, exploring new horizons and forging unforgettable memories. And when it’s time to unwind, Tiah dives into the world of video games, immersing herself in captivating virtual realms.

“Being in recovery myself, I’m dedicated to passing on the knowledge I’ve learned in my own recovery to those entering treatment. It fulfills my soul knowing that I am helping people at their lowest just like those who did for me when I needed it, it is truly a full circle moment.”

Stephen Ricco

Tommy McCann


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Tommy McCann is the newest powerhouse driving the Relief Recovery Center team forward with his unparalleled expertise in behavioral health treatment. With over a decade immersed in the field, Tommy’s journey is one of relentless dedication and unwavering commitment to transforming lives.

Holding a prestigious Master’s degree from William James College in Psychology, Tommy’s credentials as a licensed clinician in Massachusetts underscore his profound understanding of human behavior and the complexities of mental health. His journey transcends mere qualifications; it’s a testament to his passion for making a tangible difference in the lives of those he serves.

Tommy’s impact reverberates across multiple spheres, from grassroots initiatives to shaping policies on a national scale. His multifaceted career has seen him assume pivotal clinical and leadership roles at local, state, and national levels, earning him recognition as a trailblazer in the field.

Rooted in the serene landscapes of Cape Cod, Tommy’s upbringing instilled in him a deep appreciation for authenticity and connection. For him, there’s nothing more fulfilling than basking in the warmth of laughter and cherishing precious moments with his beloved wife and daughter.

As Tommy embarks on this new chapter with Relief Recovery Center, his unwavering dedication and boundless compassion promise to illuminate pathways to healing and hope for all those in need. With him at the helm, the journey towards wellness becomes not just a destination but a transformative odyssey of resilience and renewal.

“People have a natural drive towards growth. When we meet someone where they are at—with empathy and acceptance, this creates the conditions that allow this growth and healing to begin.”

Stephen Ricco

Robert Terrell



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Robert is our PMHNP at Relief Recover Center. With his expertise spanning over 23 years in the field of psychiatry, he has woven his expertise through a tapestry of care settings, from the urgency of emergency rooms to the intimacy of residential facilities. His journey began with a foundation in nursing at UMass Boston, where he honed his passion for healing. Guided by a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence, he pursued his PMHNP at Regis College, equipping himself with the tools to navigate the complexities of behavioral and mental health care.

Central to Robert’s practice is the belief that healing begins with trust and empathy. In each encounter, he strives to cultivate a safe space where patients feel seen, heard, and understood. Drawing from his diverse experiences, he tailors treatment plans to the individual, recognizing that every journey is unique.

Robert’s compass spans across the lifespan, from tender children to wise elders. He has stood alongside vulnerable populations, from those experiencing homelessness to individuals battling addiction, employing culturally competent and evidence-based modalities to guide them toward resilience.

Driven by a dedication to excellence and fueled by a passion for healing, Robert continues to journey forward, steadfast in his commitment to empower individuals toward a brighter tomorrow.

Stephen Ricco

James Murphy


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James, the Clinical Supervisor at Relief Recovery Center, has nearly a decade of experience at multiple levels of care including ATS, CSS, Residential, Day Treatment (PHP) and IOP.

He has a BA in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago, an MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Boston University School of Public Health and received certification through the Addiction Counseling Education Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston, College of Advancing and Professional Studies in 2014. James most recently became a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor I (LADC I) in 2017. With his educational and professional background in the field of public health, James brings a unique perspective to the substance use disorder treatment field as addiction has grown to the level of a public health crisis in the United States.

“Being a person in recovery who is also an addictions clinician and a public health
professional, I feel that I am blessed with a unique perspective of having experienced the impact of addiction on a personal level but can also understand and appreciate the devastating impact of addiction on the health of communities. I consider it a great privilege to participate in healing on both of those levels.”

Stephen Ricco

Heidi Zimmerman

Lead Case Manager

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Heidi is a dynamic force ready to make an impact in addiction treatment at Relief Recovery Center. With over 15 years entrenched in the healthcare realm, Heidi’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her career spans a decade as a Licensed Nurse, honing her skills and nurturing her passion for healing. Graduating from North Shore Community College in 2013 with a degree in Practical Nursing marked the beginning of her illustrious career, but it certainly didn’t define its limits.

Heidi’s expertise extends far beyond the confines of academia. With a background in psychiatric nursing, medication administration, and sober house management, she brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the table. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a BA in Interdisciplinary Programs with a concentration in Cultures and Societies at the prestigious University of Tennessee.

Hailing from a quaint rural town on the outskirts of Nashville, Heidi’s roots ground her in humility and authenticity. Yet, her spirit is as vast and boundless as the ocean she now finds solace in, residing on the captivating shores of Cape Cod. It’s here amidst the rich tapestry of Massachusetts’ cultural diversity that Heidi finds inspiration, embracing life’s symphony with a fervent love for live music, cherished moments with her niece and nephew, and an unyielding passion for Tennessee football.

“As a woman in recovery, I had the absolute blessing of having so many wonderful people helping me along the way during my time in treatment. My goal is to be able to make a difference in others’ lives and give back what was freely given to me.”

Stephen Ricco

Ben Johnson


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Raised in the vibrant community of Cambridge, Ben’s journey towards becoming an advocate for addiction treatment was forged through personal struggles and triumphs. Having experienced the harrowing effects of addiction firsthand, Ben’s mission is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy for those facing similar challenges.

With years spent traversing the country in search of treatment, Ben brings a wealth of firsthand experience and insights into the multifaceted nature of addiction recovery. His journey has instilled a profound sense of resilience and determination, qualities that shine through in his unwavering commitment to supporting individuals on their path to healing.

At Relief Recovery Center, Ben’s work ethic is unparalleled, fueled by a relentless drive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those struggling with addiction. His honesty and integrity serve as guiding principles, ensuring that every individual receives the genuine support and care they deserve.

Ben is more than just an outreach representative; he is a testament to resilience and a compassionate advocate for those in need and continues to make a profound impact, one individual at a time, in the ongoing battle against addiction.

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